What's New - LoadRunner Cloud 2021.01

The following features were introduced or enhanced in LoadRunner Cloud version 2021.01.

Reduced test initialization time

The test initialization time was reduced for Azure cloud load generators.

For a list of the supported Azure regions, see Azure cloud locations.

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New locations for cloud LGs

The following locations were added for cloud load generators:

  • AWS: Bahrain, Middle East
  • Azure: Dubai, UAE North

For a complete list of the distribution locations, see Vuser distribution locations.

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Support for Silk Performer scripts

LoadRunner Cloud now supports Silk Performer protocol scripts.

For details, see Protocols.

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Enhanced DevWeb support

DevWeb scripts now support rendezvous points.

For details, see Configure rendezvous settings.

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Auto-completion in online script editing

Auto-completion is now supported for DevWeb scripts when editing a script within LoadRunner Cloud.

For details, see Edit and view scripts from within LoadRunner Cloud.

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Manual Vuser distribution over on-premises LGs

You can manually assign the number of Vusers per script that will run on an on-premises load generator.

For details, see Cloud LG infrastructure capacity.

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OAuth 2.0 support for public API and on-premises agents

This version includes OAuth 2.0 support through access keys, providing a way to authenticate without usernames and passwords. Access keys provide client IDs and secret keys that can be used with the Public API, On-premises load generators, and LoadRunner Cloud agents.

For details, see API access keys.

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SLA configuration disabled by default

You can now choose to disable SLAs by default for your tests. To activate this option in your tenant, open a support ticket.

For details, see Configure SLAs.

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New public API operation

The downloading of report templates can now be performed with the public API using the POST /test-runs/{runId}/reports API call.

For details, see Public API.

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Support for LoadRunner 2021

LoadRunner Cloud now supports the latest version of the LoadRunner family of products, version 2021.

For details, see Support Matrix.

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Patch downloads

You can now download patches for your current version of the on-premises load generator, directly from the Get Tools > Agents tab on the Home page.

For details, see Update an on-premises load generator.

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