What's New - LoadRunner Cloud 2021.04

The following features were introduced or enhanced in LoadRunner Cloud version 2021.04.

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New locations for cloud load generators

The following locations were added for GCP (Google Cloud Platform) cloud load generators:

  • Europe: London
  • US West: Oregon

For a complete list of the distribution locations, see Vuser distribution locations.

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Health monitoring for cloud load generators

LoadRunner Cloud provides health monitoring for cloud-based load generator machines, showing CPU and memory usage. To enable this monitoring, open a support ticket.

For details, see Load generator health monitoring.

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Ability to group cloud locations by geographical area

You can now group cloud locations for cloud load generators by their geographical area, in addition to their location, vendor, and vendor region.

For details, see Configure cloud load generator locations.

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New Run Preview window

The new Run Preview window shows the Vusers, load generator locations, and scripts that will be used in the load test.

For details, see Preview the run settings.

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Ability to set a tenant's time zone

Admins can now set the time zone per tenant, affecting the time displayed in exported reports.

For details, see Tenant tab.

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Enhanced DevWeb support

DevWeb scripts now support additional runtime settings such as options for creating snapshots during replay and additional attributes.

For details, see Runtime settings.

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Enhancements for assigning data files

You can now assign data files for a load test directly from its Scripts page.

For details, see Assign data files.

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Enhancements in Transaction Summary table

The Transaction per second (TPS) metric is now shown in the Transaction Summary table in the offline dashboard.

For details, see Display transaction summary data.

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Selectable report templates

You can now choose the template to use for the test run report that will be emailed to you at the end of a run.

For details, see Basic settings.

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Enhancements in exported test run reports

The exported test run report now sorts transactions by name instead of status.

For details, see Export a results report.

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Support for LoadRunner 2021 R2

LoadRunner Cloud now supports the latest version of the LoadRunner family of products, version 2021 R2.

For details, see Support Matrix.

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New public API operations

New capabilities were added to the LoadRunner Cloud public API. You can now retrieve license information, assign data files, and specify granularity and report metrics using public API calls.

For details, see Public API.

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Extended support for access keys

You can now use access keys to authenticate in Jenkins, Bamboo, Azure DevOps, and CLIs.

For details, see CI plugins.

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Protocols support update

Support for the Flex and LeanFT protocols was removed.

For details, see Protocols.

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Help Center Share button

The Help Center toolbar now includes a new Share page button:

  • You can share help topics on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or by email.

  • You can also copy the topic link to the clipboard and paste it in other applications.

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