Test mobile apps in LoadRunner Cloud

Use TruClient technology together with LoadRunner Cloud to record and run single-user performance tests for mobile apps on real mobile devices.

Test your mobile app with a licensed copy of Micro Focus Digital Lab.


Before you create a load test for a mobile app, ensure that you have done the following:

Action How to
Install Digital Lab

To set up your Digital Lab server, see the Digital Lab Help Center.

Connect devices Your mobile devices must be connected to the Digital Lab server, and must be available. For details, see Connect devices in the Digital Lab Help Center.
Set up load generators The On-premises load generators must be able to communicate with the Digital Lab server.

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Create a load test for a mobile app

The following table describes the steps to take to create a load test for a mobile app.

Action How to
Record a script

Record a TruClient - Native Mobile script using VuGen or the TruClient Standalone.

For details see, Record scripts in the Digital Lab Help Center.

Define a load test

Create a load test and select On Premise as the location of the load generators.

For details, see Define a load test.

Add scripts to your test

Select and configure your TruClient - Native Mobile script.

For details, see Configure a schedule for your script.

Note: Because only 1 user can use a mobile device at a time, the test runs only 1 Vuser on each mobile device defined in your script. This implies also, that there is no ramp up or tear down.

Add load generators

Select your on-premises load generators.

For details, see Configure on-premises load generator locations.

Run your test Run the test in the usual way. For details, see Run the test.
Analyze results

Go to the Dashboard and view the metrics collected from the mobile device, as you defined in your script.

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