The Tenant management's License area lets admins track license consumption, allocation, and usage across projects. For details on how to allocate licenses, see Manage licenses.

License consumption

The Consumption tab lets you view the license consumption per project and Vuser type.

In the Project list, select the projects whose license consumption you want to display. For details about the license types, see LoadRunner Cloud licenses.

You can perform the following actions:

Action How to
Show active licenses only Select Show active only (above the Project list), to display only the licenses that are currently active.
Save license data to a CSV file Click Export to CSV to save the license consumption data to a CSV file.
Show all test runs Click Show All to display all test runs for the selected projects.
Display test runs for a selected date range

Use the date picker to specify a date range to display the tests that ran during that period. Test runs for the specified period are displayed in the grid.

A summary grid in the Consumption pane shows the number of VU and VUH licenses for Web and GUI types.

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License summary

The Summary tab lets you view the allocation and entitlement information per license. The grid is split into two sections which you can expand and collapse:

  • The Available section includes licenses that have not yet expired or that have not been fully consumed.

  • The Inactive section includes expired or fully utilized licenses.

The license summary grid shows the following information:

Start date

The beginning date of the license.
Expiration date

The license's expiration date.


The bundle type, such as Web VU or GUI VU. For details, see Protocol bundles. This column also indicates Dedicated IPs if they are enabled for your tenant.


The type of subscription. For protocol bundles, typical values are Trial and Paid. For Dedicated IP addresses, the subscription types are Freemium (those provided for free with your tenant) and Paid.

Total entitled capacity

For protocol bundles, this column shows the total number of Vusers and VUH entitled by the license. For dedicated IPs, this column shows the number of entitled IPs.

Total VUH consumed

The total number of VUH licenses currently consumed.

Total VUH remaining

The total number of VUH licenses available for consumption, not being consumed by any project.

Total allocated to projects

The total number of licenses allocated to projects.

Total assigned for running tests

The total number of Vusers assigned to running tests.

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