Report template assets are entities that you can apply to your test run reports. You can customize an existing report layout and save it as a template for future use.

For details on how to create, save, and load templates, see Create report templates.

View the template list

The Assets > Templates page displays a list of the current templates.

Template grid

The templates grid shows a list of the templates with the following information:

Column Description

The name of the template. To change the name, select the template name and click Rename.


The number of tests runs that use the template in your tenant.

Sections The number of report sections included in the template. Select the template and view a list of the included sections.

The grid also shows the author, creation date, modifier, and modification date.

Template preview pane

For a preview of the template's usage, select a single template to open the preview pane. If the preview pane does not open, click the left facing expansion arrow.

The preview pane displays:

  • General information: type, author, creation date, modifier, and modification date.
  • Custom sections: the sections included in the template, for example, Summary and Top 10 Transactions.
  • Related tests: Links to the tests that use that template in their report.

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Manage and find templates

To manage and find report templates, select Assets > Templates. The following table describes the available options for managing report templates.

Action How to

Select the check box of a single template and click the Rename button .


Select the check box of a single template and click the Duplicate button .

Delete Select the check box of one or more templates, and click the Delete button . If the template is being used by a test, it cannot be deleted and LoadRunner Cloud issues a warning.
Search Use the Search box to search for a template by its name.

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