AWS CodePipeline

Integrate AWS CodePipeline with LoadRunner Cloud to automatically run a test when your code has been updated.


  • LoadRunner Cloud only supports AWS CodePipeline for tests configured to run from the US East (Virginia) location.
  • You can link only one LoadRunner Cloud tenant to an AWS account.

Integrate a LoadRunner Cloud test with AWS CodePipeline

Perform the following steps to integrate a test with AWS CodePipeline.

Action How to
Create a code pipeline

To integrate LoadRunner Cloud to run a test when your code changes, you first need to create a code pipeline that:

  1. Connects to your source code
  2. Builds and deploys your code

For details, see the AWS CodePipeline User Guide.

Add a stage to your pipeline to integrate your test
  1. Click to add a stage to your pipeline.
  2. Give the stage a name.

Add an action to your stage to connect to a LoadRunner Cloud test
  1. Click to add an action.
  2. Select Test as the action category.
  3. Give the action a name.
  4. Select MF StormRunner Load as the test provider.

Select a LoadRunner Cloud test to run
  1. Click to log into LoadRunner Cloud.
  2. If prompted, enter your LoadRunner Cloud username and password.
  3. Select a test from the list and click Connect.

Tip: Add multiple test actions to a stage.

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