On-premises load generator configuration tool

This tool enables you to configure your Windows on-premises load generators.


When you install an on-premises load generator, the configuration tool is automatically launched. If you skipped the configuration, you can run it manually.

To run the configuration tool manually, on the load generator machine select Start > Micro Focus > LoadRunner Cloud - Configure Load Generator.

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General tab

Enter your load generator key and LoadRunner Cloud tenant credentials.

Item Description

An on-premises load generator key is created when you add an on-premises load generator in Assets > Load Generators.

User name Your LoadRunner Cloud user name or a client ID. For details, see API access keys.
Password Your LoadRunner Cloud password or secret key. For details, see API access keys.
Tenant Your tenant ID.

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Misc tab

Define a proxy URL.

Item Description

Specify the proxy URL. The URL should include the protocol, host name, and port number.

Example: http://myproxy.region.software.com:8080


Specify the URL of the server used for accessing LoadRunner Cloud. You can copy the LoadRunner Cloud server URL from the address bar of the browser in which you opened LoadRunner Cloud.

Example: If the URL in the address bar of the browser is https://loadrunner-cloud.saas.microfocus.com/home/?TENANTID=208294383&projectId=1, copy the address https://loadrunner-cloud.saas.microfocus.com.

Log level

Specify the level of log reporting.

  • debug
  • info
  • warn
  • error

If your proxy requires authentication, select the Advanced tab to enter your credentials.

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Environment tab

The Environment tab lets you view the versions of LoadRunner Cloud Agent components.

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Update tab

Check for available updates.

Item Description
Current version The version of LoadRunner Cloud On-premises Load Generator configuration tool currently installed.
Check for updates Check for available updates to the LoadRunner Cloud On-premises Load Generator configuration tool.
Download Download the latest version of LoadRunner Cloud On-premises Load Generator configuration tool.

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Options tab

The options tab lets you define parameters and their values for customization and debugging.

Common examples, are:

Configuration option Description Values

Retain Vuser log files. The logs are stored on the load generator machine, in a subfolder with the inj_o_ prefix under the %TEMP% folder.

Note: Retaining these log files utilizes a lot of disk space. Deactivate this option when it is no longer needed.


Load additional security certificates. For details, see Certificate issues.

SRL_AGENT_DISABLE_TLS_1_3 Deactivate TLS 1.3. For details, see TLS 1.3. True/False
no_proxy If you have configured the use of a proxy in the Misc tab, you can define specific hosts to be bypassed by the proxy. You can enter multiple values separated by commas.

Domain name or IP address

For example:, myserver1, appserver.testing.com

For changes to take effect, save the configuration and restart the agent.

For more information, see Troubleshoot on-premises load generators.

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Save and test

When you have completed the configuration, click:

  • Save. To save your settings.

  • Save & Test. To save your settings and test your connection to the LoadRunner Cloud server.

When you have saved your settings, click Exit to exit the configuration tool.

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