Single user performance reports

View statistics that help you measure the quality of the user experience on your application.

For details on configuring reports, see Generate single user performance data.

Access the single user performance report

To access the single user performance report, do one of the following:

Results page

  1. Go to the Results page.
  2. For a selected test, click (more options) and select Single user performance.

Load tests

  1. Go to the Load tests page.
  2. Select a test and go to the Runs tab.
  3. For a selected test run, click (more options) and select Single user performance.

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NV Insights report

The NV Insights report can help you improve the performance of your application by identifying potentially problematic issues in your transactions and providing recommendations for optimizing network traffic.

For details on the report, refer to the Network Virtualization Help Center.


  • A client breakdown report is not generated if the test duration is too short or if the script does not contain any network actions.
  • It may take several minutes for the NV Insights report to be generated when viewing it for the first time in a load test.

Share the report results

Export the NV Insights report to a .HTML file by clicking (more options) and selecting Export > NV Insights report.

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