Streaming accounts

You can stream errors to a Splunk Cloud system during a test run. To stream errors to Splunk, do the following:

Action How to
Configure your Splunk account

In your Splunk account, configure the following for the HTTP Event Collector.

  1. Create a new token
    1. Enter a name for the HTTP Event Collector.
    2. Set the Source type to _json.

    When the new token is created, note the token value that is displayed (you need this when configuring LoadRunner Cloud).

  2. Enable the token

    Note the HTTP port number that is displayed (you need this when configuring LoadRunner Cloud).

For details on configuring the HTTP Event Collector, refer to the Splunk documentation.

Configure your Splunk account details in LoadRunner Cloud

In LoadRunner Cloud:

  1. In the top navigation menu, select Tools and integrations button > Streaming accounts > Splunk account.

  2. In the dialog box that opens, configure:
    • Your HTTP Event Collector URL that was sent to you by Splunk when you created your Splunk instance.
    • The HTTP Event Collector port number.
    • The HTTP Event Collector token.

    • The option to mark a Managed Splunk account was deprecated, beginning with LoadRunner Cloud version 2021.08.
  3. Click Apply.
Enable error streaming for a load test
  1. Select the Load Test tab and select a load test.
  2. Click to open the Test settings page.
  3. In the Data and logs section, select Stream errors to Splunk. For details, see Data and logs.

Notes and Limitations

  • Streaming errors to Splunk is enabled only for tests run in the cloud.
  • You can stream errors to a Splunk Cloud account only.
  • Only one Splunk account can be configured for a LoadRunner Cloud tenant.
  • During a load test run, only the first 500,000 errors are sent to the Splunk account.
  • If your Splunk account was already configured before LoadRunner Cloud version 2021.08, the URL shown in the Splunk Account dialog box contains a prefix of input- or http-inputs, depending on if you had a managed Splunk account.
  • From LoadRunner Cloud version 2021.08, whenever you configure a Splunk account through LoadRunner Cloud, a message is sent to the Splunk account for validation.

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