Introducing LoadRunner Developer and DevWeb

Welcome to LoadRunner Developer, Micro Focus' cutting-edge tool for web protocol performance and load testing, focusing on the HTTP transport level and WebSocket traffic. LoadRunner Developer is a free, standalone product that enables you to create and execute DevWeb scripts, using a new, innovative JavaScript SDK. It is lightweight, scalable, and cross-platform.

You can also create and edit DevWeb scripts using the DevWeb protocol in VuGen. All DevWeb scripts can be executed with any of the LoadRunner family products: LoadRunner Professional, LoadRunner Enterprise, and LoadRunner Cloud.

Get started

Before you begin...

Learn about LoadRunner Developer capabilities, to gain a high-level picture of working with LoadRunner Developer and the DevWeb engine.

For details, see the LoadRunner Developer and DevWeb overview.

How do I use LoadRunner Developer?

The tutorial videos will help you to get started, and familiarize you with the basic building blocks for LoadRunner Developer and the DevWeb engine. The videos provide step-by-step instructions on installation, script generation, working with the SDK, and more.

For details, see the Tutorials.

Tip: Also check out the blogs.


Use the example DevWeb scripts available in the <DevWeb root folder>\examples folder to experiment and develop. For example, you can use the scripts as a base for creating your own scripts, or take code snippets to reuse.

Let's go!

When you're ready to begin, open LoadRunner Developer and start creating your script.

For details, see LoadRunner Developer workflow.

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