Scripting with

This topic describes how to build and run DevWeb scripts using the code editor.

Deprecated: The plug-in is deprecated. We recommend using VS Code instead: Scripting with Visual Studio Code.

Install the plug-in

When working with, you download and install the DevWeb plug-in before creating or running your script.

Download and extract the plug-in: plugin

  • Windows. Extract to C:\Users\<user name>\.atom\packages
  • Linux/macOS. Extract to ~/.atom/packages

When you open, the DevWeb menu should now be included.

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Write DevWeb scripts in

You can use the EmptyScript template as a basis for your script.

To set up and write a script:

  1. Copy the EmptyScript folder from <DevWeb root>\examples\ to a location of your choice.
  2. Rename the folder, for example, MyDevWebProject.
  3. In, open the MyDevWebProject folder and double-click main.js in the project tree to start writing your code.

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Run DevWeb scripts from

You can run your DevWeb script for up to 50 Vusers, using the DevWeb plugin for

From the DevWeb menu in

  • To run one iteration of the script with one user, select DevWeb > Run single user.
  • To run a scenario with the script, select DevWeb > Run scenario. DevWeb runs the script using the scenario defined in the scenario.yml file. For details, see Scenario resource file

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