Dynatrace AppMon integration

LoadRunner Developer supports data push to the Dynatrace AppMon monitor on the AUT server during the test run. This enables correlation of the web server data collected by the Dynatrace agents with the data provided by the DevWeb tests.

When the integration with Dynatrace AppMon is enabled, an additional header (x-dynaTrace header) is added to each web request, and Dynatrace AppMon uses these headers to extract the test information.

Dynatrace AppMon requires that a transaction be associated with each web request. If there are multiple transactions, then by default the association is for the transaction that has the latest start time. The transaction name is used to display the web request in the Dynatrace AppMon dashlets.

To enable the integration: In the rts.yml file set enableDynatrace value to true. For details on editing the runtime settings, see Customizing runtime settings.

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