What's New in LoadRunner Developer

This topic introduces the new features and improvements for LoadRunner Developer and the DevWeb engine, versions 2023.

You can also learn about some of the features for LoadRunner Developer and LoadRunner Professional in the What's New videos.

What's New video

Learn about some of the new features included in LoadRunner Professional and LoadRunner Developer version 2023:

For more What's New videos, see the LoadRunner Developer video gallery.

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User experience

This release includes the following enhancements to the user experience and user interface:

Area Enhancement
Snapshot on error for TextCheckExtractor

When using the failOn option with the text check extractor, if there is an error as a result of the extractor, DevWeb adds the error to the snapshot file. (Log level must be set to Error or higher.)

For details, see TextCheckExtractor(name, options) : ExtractorObject in the JavaScript SDK.

Extractors returning multiple values

When multiple values are returned by the DevWeb extractors, and the converters or transform options are defined, they now applied to all returned values.

This applies for the following extractors:

  • For JSON path or XPath extractors, returnMultipleValues is set to true.

  • For Boundary or Regexp extractors, occurrence is set to All.

For details, see Extractors in the JavaScript SDK.

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DevWeb protocol

DevWeb protocol includes the following enhancement:

Area Enhancement
gRPC bidirectional stream requests

DevWeb scripts now include support for bidirectional streaming RPC requests. With this addition, DevWeb now provides full support for gRPC.

For details, see gRPC in the JavaScript SDK.

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Load testing and modeling

This release includes the following load testing and modeling enhancement:

Area Enhancement
Pacing for iterations

Expanded pacing options are available to run iterations for DevWeb scripts. You can now define the pacing type as delay or interval, with fixed or random values.

For details, see Scenario resource file .

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Integrations and ecosystem

This release includes the following integrations and ecosystem enhancement:

Azure Key Vault

When working with Microsoft Azure Key Vault secrets, you now pass an object rather than arguments to the key vault.

For details, see Access Azure Key Vault secrets.

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Security and infrastructure

This release includes the following security and infrastructure enhancement:

Encryption key

You can pass an encryption key value directly on the command line, instead of providing the location of the key file.

For details, see Encode sensitive data.

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