What's New in 2021

This topic introduces the new features and improvements for LoadRunner Developer and the DevWeb engine, version 2021.

Enhanced DevWeb integration with LRC/LRE

The integration with LRC/LRE from your IDE (using ScaLRD) includes the following enhancements:

  • You can use continue mode to continue monitoring test progress for tests on LRC or LRE.
  • You can configure Vuser distribution for locations in LRC in the lrc_uploader.yml file.
  • You can define names for the Test Plan, Test Set, and Test Set Folder used in LRE in the lre_uploader.yml file.

For details, see Scale tests from your IDE.

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API testing enhancements

DevWeb scripts for API testing include the following enhancements:

  • Generation of correlation appliers and extractors for API function calls in the script.

  • Ability to regenerate the API functions without overwriting the main.js file.

For details, see API testing with DevWeb.

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Define first data row for parameters

You can now define the first line of data to be used in parameter files during script execution.

For details, see Parameter resource file (parameters.yml).

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Support for gRPC protocol

The DevWeb engine now supports the gRPC communication protocol when replaying DevWeb scripts, with support for unary and client-streaming RPC requests.

For details, see the JavaScript SDK GrpcClient section.

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Script replay enhancements

The following options are now supported for script replay:

  • Web requests include support for setting the charset to encode form body values. For details, see the JavaScript SDK WebRequest section.

  • Extractor values are globally available during replay through the load namespace, and are easily accessible from extra files. For details, see the JavaScript SDK Extractor results section.

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Code generation enhancements

This version includes the following code generation enhancements:

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Upgraded InfluxDB support

LoadRunner Developer now supports reporting measurements to InfluxDB 2.0, InfluxDB 1.x, and SQLite.

For details, see InfluxDB and Grafana.

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New utils APIs

The JavaScript SDK now includes the following utils functions:

  • load.utils.samlEncode

  • load.utils.Chain

For details, see the JavaScript SDK Utils section.

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New JavaScript runner engine

DevWeb now uses a new JavaScript runner engine, providing support for all node modules in DevWeb scripts. Each Vuser runs in an isolated Node.js environment and supports all the Node.js native APIs.

For details, see Third party modules and libraries.

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New example scripts

The DevWeb examples folder (<DevWeb root folder>\examples\) includes new example scripts, including for AWS signing, gRPC, and API testing.

For details, see Get started.

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