Analyze results

After running your DevWeb test, you can view and analyze the generated results data using LoadRunner family tools or an open-source dashboard solution like Grafana.

DevWeb measurements

LoadRunner Developer supports two database options for saving the results from DevWeb script runs: The local SQLite database (default), or InfluxDB. You can change the configuration to report data to InfluxDB, or to report to both databases.

For details on reporting data to InfluxDB, see InfluxDB and Grafana.

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DevWeb measurements on SQLite database

When you run a DevWeb script, by default the generated raw data is saved to a local SQLite database file, in ..\<Script Directory>\results\devWebDB.db.

The database creates the following tables for the script run:

Table Description

Contains a count of total running Vusers executing code within iterations. The number decreases when Vusers are waiting between iterations (pacing), and increases again when they enter the next iteration.

An entry is added to the table every time the total number changes.

BytesSent Contains the amount of bytes sent to the server (upload) per request, per Vuser.
Connections Contains for each Vuser information about opened and closed connections (state connect or shutdown).

Contains values for user-defined data points, reported through load.utils.reportDataPoint API, per Vuser.

Hits Contains information about each request, including HTTP status code, per Vuser.

Contains a cumulative count of running Vusers. An entry is added to the table every time the total number changes.


Contains the amount of bytes received from the server (download) per response, per Vuser.


Contains information on status and duration for each transaction reported, per Vuser.

WebSocketDataReceived Contains the amount of bytes for each received message, per Vuser.
WebSocketDataSent Contains the amount of bytes for each sent message, per Vuser.
WebSocketMessages Contains the amount of sent (SendMessage type) and received (onMessage type) messages.

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Analyze results using LoadRunner testing tools

You can use DevWeb scripts for performance and load testing in LoadRunner Professional, LoadRunner Enterprise, or LoadRunner Cloud (for support details, see DevWeb script support). Each product includes tools to view and analyze the data after a test run.

For more information, see the relevant Help Center for your LoadRunner family testing tool.

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