Scale tests from your IDE

LoadRunner Developer integrates with LoadRunner Cloud (LRC) and LoadRunner Enterprise (LRE), providing the ability to scale up your tests without leaving your IDE.

About scaling your test from your IDE

DevWeb tests that are run within LoadRunner Developer are limited to a maximum of 50 Vusers. You can scale up your DevWeb tests to a larger number of Vusers, by running the script on LRC or LRE. The LRC or LRE test run can be executed directly from any IDE.

To run this integration, you use the LoadRunner Developer CLI tool, ScaLRD, included in the LoadRunner Developer deployment package. In your IDE, you define a task to run ScaLRD for your DevWeb script, and run the test on LRC or LRE, as required.

Parameters for the tests are configured in the relevant <product>_uploader YAML file. For example, you can define the number of Vusers to run.

Tip: You can get help within your IDE on usage, available flags, and examples for LRC and LRE. Run a command in the IDE using the following argument: ScaLRD --help

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Mask and encrypt data

If the lrc_uploader.yml or lre_uploader.yml file for your script includes a password or other sensitive data, you can mask or encrypt the information in the file.

Mask or encrypt the relevant text as described in Encode sensitive data. Then add the encoded strings to the YAML file, using the relevant syntax:

Purpose: Syntax:
Unmask a masked value Unmask(<masked_data>)
Decrypt an encrypted value Decrypt(<encrypted_data>)

For encrypted data, define the key location for decryption during replay. In the encryption area, define the property keyLocation using the format: "folder/keyFile.txt".

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