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Check out below the new features and improvements for LoadRunner Developer and the DevWeb engine, version 2020 SP3.

For updates in earlier 2020 versions, see What's New in earlier versions.


  • This Help Center provides help for version 2020 and all the 2020 service packs. Any version-specific changes are indicated where relevant.
  • In earlier versions, LoadRunner Developer was referred to as DevWeb (or TruWeb) Standalone.

What's New video

Learn about some of the new features for LoadRunner Developer, DevWeb, and LoadRunner Professional in version 2020 SP3:

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Version 2020 SP3

LoadRunner Developer and the DevWeb engine 2020 SP3 include the following updates:

Integration with LRE

The new integration with LoadRunner Enterprise enables you to scale your DevWeb script for more than 50 Vusers, using the LRE infrastructure and license.

See Run scripts from your IDE on other LR products.

Integration with LRC

The improved integration with LoadRunner Cloud includes password encryption and the ability to mask your password.

See Run scripts from your IDE on other LR products.

Support on Microsoft Azure

LoadRunner Developer is now fully supported in Microsoft Azure. In addition, improvements were made to the SLA JUnit report. You can incorporate LoadRunner Developer tests into your Azure CI flow, and view results reports, and SLA and results analysis.

See Integrate with CI/CD systems.

Replay summary

This release includes a replay summary report when running your script in load mode.

See Replay summary.

API testing

The following improvements have been made to application API testing:

  • Support for the reference parameters in swagger.json.
  • Support for supplying a URL to download a swagger json file.

    See API testing with DevWeb.

    Note: This feature is currently available as tech preview.

VTS API to search rows

Use the new vtsClient.searchRows method to locate a row within a VTS table, using specified column values.

See the JavaScript SDK VTS section.

AWS V4 WebRequest signing

The DevWeb engine now supports automatically signing for AWS API requests as part of replay. This is used with applications that are using AWS services.

See the JavaScript SDK General methods section.

Brotli compression

Brotli content encoding (compression) is now supported during script replay.

Disable redirections for WebRequest

The DevWeb engine now supports disabling redirections for WebRequest.

See the JavaScript SDK WebRequest section.

Support body JSON object for “application/json”

When the request body is provided as JSON object and the content type is application/json, it is sent it as a string.

See the JavaScript SDK WebRequest section.

New utils APIs

The following utils functions have been added to the JavaScript SDK:

  • load.utils.base64Encode
  • load.utils.base64Decode
  • load.utils.randomeString
  • load.utils.uuid
  • load.utils.hash
  • load.utils.hmac

See the JavaScript SDK Utils section.

VS Code template

The VS Code template includes the following additional tasks:

  • API calls generation from swagger.json
  • ScaLRD to LRC

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LoadRunner family

LoadRunner Developer and DevWeb work with all the LoadRunner family products. For details on what's new in each, see the appropriate help center:

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