Run scripts from your IDE

You can run your DevWeb script for up to 50 Vusers, using the DevWeb plugin within your scripting tool. (For details on creating a DevWeb script with your IDE, see Scripting with your IDE.)

This topic describes running your scripts from some common tools.

Note: You can also scale up your test by running it, from within your IDE, on LoadRunner Cloud. See Run scripts from your IDE on other LR products.

Visual Studio Code

Select Terminal > Run Tasks (in older versions of VS Code, select Tasks > Run Tasks), then one of the run options: Load Run, Debug Run, Single Run

Note: For Visual Studio Code 1.46.0 and later, an experimental debugger might be enabled by default. This debugger is not supported with DevWeb scripts.

Workaround: To debug, in the VSCode settings set ‘debug.javascript.usePreview’ to false.

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JetBrains WebStorm (IntelliJ)

Select Tools > External Tools > Run DevWeb. The results are displayed in the bottom panel. To run the script again, click the green Run button.

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LoadRunner Developer includes a plugin for This plugin enables you to execute DevWeb scripts from within, and to run them in either single mode or load mode.

Download and extract the plugin for

  • Windows. Extract to C:\Users\<user name>\.atom\packages
  • Linux/MacOS. Extract to ~/.atom/packages

To run one iteration of the script with one user, select DevWeb > Run single user.

To run a scenario with the script, select DevWeb > Run scenario. DevWeb runs the script using the scenario defined in the scenario.yml file.

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