Download Help Center

If you cannot access the Performance Center or ALM help online, you can use a local version of the Help Center.

Note: To view the Help Center in Internet Explorer, you need to enable Javascript (Active scripting) in your browser settings (Tools > Options > Security > Internet > Custom Level).

Download Performance Center Help

  1. Download a copy of the Help Center to your Performance Center server.

    Download now

  2. Extract the contents of the zip file to the following locations:

    For My Performance Center <PC Server Installation directory>\PCWEB

    For Performance Center Administration

    <PC Server Installation directory>\PCWEB_Admin
  3. Open ALM Site Administration. In the Site Configuration tab, change the USE_LOCAL_HELP parameter from N (the default setting) to Y so that the local help is used by default.

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Download ALM Help

For details on how to download the ALM Help Center, see Setting ALM Help Center Modes in the ALM Help Center.

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