Upload Patches

You can upload Performance Center patches to the system, and then install them on the appropriate Performance Center hosts.

Upload a patch

  1. In Performance Center Administration, select Management > Hosts and click the Patches tab. The Patches page opens.

  2. Click the Add New Patch button . The Select Patch page opens, enabling you to select a patch file (.MSP) to upload.

    Note: If the patch you want to install is an EXE file, you must first extract all the files from the EXE, and then upload the MSP file.

    Enter the details for the new patch:

    UI Elements


    Patch Name

    Type a name for the new patch.

    Syntax exceptions: A patch name cannot contain spaces or include the following characters: / : " ? ' < > | * % ^ , ! { } ( ) ; = # \


    Enter a description for the patch.


    Enter the patch path, or click the Select button and navigate to the patch location.

  3. Click Upload. When a patch has been uploaded, it is added to the system and appears in the Patches grid (it also appears in the Patches module in ALM Lab Management).

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Install a patch on a Performance Center host

After you have uploaded a patch, you can install it on Performance Center hosts. For details, see Install patches on hosts.

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View the Patches page

This page enables you to view and upload patches to Performance Center.

To access

On the Performance Center Administration sidebar, select Management > Hosts, and click the Patches tab.

User interface elements are described below:

UI Elements


Filter. Enables you to filter the patches to display only those that meet the criteria that you define.

The filter selection is displayed above the patches menu.

Add New Patch. Enables you to select a patch to upload. For details, see Upload a patch above.

Delete Selected Patch. Deletes the selected patches from the patches grid (and also from the Patches module in ALM Lab Management).

Refresh. Refreshes the grid so that it displays the most up-to-date information.

Select Columns. Enables you to determine which fields to display in the grid.

The patch name.


The patch ID.


The patch path and status of the latest installation.


Description of the patch.

Note: You can also upload patches in ALM Lab Management. For details, see the ALM Lab Management Guide.

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