How to Configure Runtime Settings

This task describes how to open and configure runtime settings to define the way a script runs.

To configure the runtime settings in a Vuser script:

  1. On the My Performance Center navigation bar, select Test Management > Test Plan. Select a performance test in the test plan tree and click Edit Test.

  2. In the Groups & Workload view, select a Vuser group and click Edit Runtime Settings . The Edit Runtime Settings dialog box opens.

  3. Select the runtime settings type to edit and define the required information.

    • Different combinations of runtime settings are available for each protocol. When you open the runtime settings, only the relevant nodes will be displayed.

    • If you do not edit the runtime settings, the script runs using the default runtime settings, or the last saved runtime settings if the script was recorded in VuGen.

    • For information about each of the runtime settings, see the mouse over hints by each field in the Description pane of the Runtime Settings window.

    • To search the runtime settings, click and type the name of a setting in the search box. Performance Center highlights all settings in which the search string is found in the setting name. Use (or press the Enter key) to navigate through the results. When search results are displayed, you see only the matching runtime setting menu categories. To restore the full list of categories, click (or press the Esc key).

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