Activate alerts

This section describes how to work with automatic notification alerts to keep track of test start and end times, test failures, and idle timeslots.

Alert rules

You can keep track of your tests as you perform your testing process. When a performance test starts, ends, or fails or if a timeslot is idle for a period of time, you can instruct LoadRunner Enterprise to notify those responsible.

You can activate the following project alerts and actions:

Alert/Action Description
Test Start Sends an alert notification to the specified users when a test starts.
Test Finished

Sends an alert notification to the specified users when a test’s state changes from Running to any state, except for collate or analyze.

Test Failure Sends an alert notification to the specified users if a test fails.
Timeslot Idle

Sends an alert notification to the specified users if the timeslot is idle for <x> minutes.

Release Timeslot Releases the timeslot after the timeslot has been idle for <x> minutes.

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Setting alert rules

To activate alerts or notifications:

  1. In LoadRunner Enterprise Administration, select Configuration > Alerts.

  2. Click New Template, and enter a name and description for the alert.

  3. Select the alerts and/or action you want to activate from the Tests and/or Timeslots tab. For details, see Alert rules.

    • For test and timeslot alerts, select the alert recipients (Owner, Administrator, Other users), and enter the alert text. Use a comma (,) or semi-colon (;) to separate multiple email recipient addresses.

    • For timeslot alerts and/or action, enter the amount of time to wait before sending notification that the timeslot is idle, or before releasing the timeslot.

  4. In the Linked Projects pane, click Select Projects. Select the projects to assign to the alert in the Assign Projects to Alert dialog box, and click Assign. Projects associated with the alert are listed in the grid.

  5. Click Save to save the alert template.

  6. Use the Filter to display only those alerts that meet the criteria that you define. For details see Filter.

    Note: For very short tests (between 1-2 minutes), no statistics are displayed in the email alert.

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Alerts in a multi-tenant environment

Available in version: LoadRunner Enterprise 2020 SP3 and later

To enable Alerts to work in a multi-tenant environment:

  1. Open the tenants.json file located in the <LR Enterprise server installation>\dat folder.

  2. Copy the Tenant Unique IDs from LoadRunner Enterprise or the Site Management console, and paste them into the tenants.json file in the following format:

    "tenants": [
    { "id": "fa128c06-5436-413d-9cfa-9f04bb738df3" },
    { "id": "<GUID>" },
    { "id": "<GUID>" }

    Where <GUID> is a tenant unique ID, taken from the Tenants page in the Site Management console. For details, see Manage tenants.

  3. Restart the LoadRunner Alerts Service.

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