Manage host pools

This section describes how to manage pools of testing hosts used for running performance tests in LoadRunner Enterprise.

Add a host pool

This task describes how to add a pool of testing hosts.

  1. In LoadRunner Enterprise Administration, select Maintenance > Hosts and click the Pools tab. The Pools page opens.

  2. To add a new pool, click the Add New Pool button.

  3. Add a name for the host pool and a description.

    Note: The name may contain up to 255 characters and cannot include the following characters:

    \ / : " ? ' < > | * % ^ , ! { } ( ) ; = #

  4. In the Linked Hosts grid, select the hosts to add to the pool, and click Assign. The selected hosts are added to the pool.

    For user interface details on the Pools page, see View the Pools page below.

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Modify or view host pool details

To edit details of a pool, under the Pool Name column, click a pool name.

You can edit the pool name, description, and assign and remove hosts from a pool.

To display the domains and projects associated with your host pools, click the Related to Projects tab.

For user interface details on the Pools page, see View the Pools page below.

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Assign hosts to host pools

To link one or more hosts to a host pool from the Pools page:

  1. Select a host pool. Under Linked Hosts, click Assign Hosts. The Assign Hosts to this Pool dialog box opens.

  2. Select the hosts you want to assign from the grid and click Assign.

    You can also filter the grid by host purpose.

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View the Pools page

On the LoadRunner Enterprise Administration sidebar, select Maintenance > Hosts , and click the Pools tab.

User interface elements are described below:

UI Elements


Filter. Filter the items you want displayed in the module, grid, or page. For details, see Filter.

Add New Pool. Enables you to define a new pool. For details, see Add a host pool above.
Delete Selected Pool. Deletes the pool selected in the grid.

Refresh. Refreshes the grid so that it displays the most up-to-date information.

Select Columns. Enables you to determine which fields to display in the grid.

Export to Excel File. Click to export information displayed in the Pools grid to an Excel file. Data from the grid is saved to an Excel file and downloaded to the Downloads folder of the client user.

Pool Name

The name of the host pool.

To view details of the hosts associated with the host pool, click . For details, see Add a host.


The ID of the host pool.

Number of Hosts

The total number of hosts in the host pool.

LG Hosts

The number of Load generator hosts in the host pool.

Controller Hosts

The number of Controller hosts in the host pool.

Data Processor Hosts

The number of Data processor hosts in the host pool.

Projects The projects associate with the host pool.

A description of the host pool.

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