Delete domains and projects

This topic describes how to delete domains and projects from LoadRunner Enterprise.

Delete a domain

When you delete a domain it is removed from the Domains list, and its contents are deleted from the server.

Note: You cannot delete a domain if it contains projects. To delete the domain, you must first delete the projects. For details, see Delete a project.

To delete domains:

  1. On the LoadRunner Enterprise Administration sidebar, select Management > Projects.

  2. Click Manage Domains.

  3. Select the domains you want to delete from the Projects list, and click Delete Domain.
  4. Click Save to confirm.

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Delete a project

You can delete a project from the Projects list. This permanently removes the contents of the project from the server and you cannot restore the project.

To delete a project from LoadRunner Enterprise:

  1. Follow the steps for removing a project. For details, see Remove a project.

  2. Delete the project's schema from the database and the project’s repository folder.

    Note: You cannot delete a project that is currently in use.

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Notes and limitations

Deleting a project is not supported when using an Oracle or PostgreSQL database.

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