LoadRunner Enterprise video gallery

This video gallery includes a selection of videos on working with LoadRunner Enterprise and the LoadRunner components that it uses.

What's new

Watch the What's New videos to learn about the new features included in the latest LoadRunner Enterprise releases.

What's New in 2021 R2

What's New in 2021 R1

What's New in 2021

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Getting started

Learn how to set up and run performance tests in LoadRunner Enterprise.

Set up and run performance tests

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Cloud load generators

Learn about using dynamic load generators provisioned on the cloud.

Load generators on AWS

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Trend reports

Learn about using Trend reports to compare performance test run data over time.

Using Trend reports

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LoadRunner Enterprise SaaS

Learn about LoadRunner Enterprise for SaaS.

LRE Tenant Admin

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Performance testing video channels

You can view short videos demonstrating LoadRunner Enterprise functionality and solution driven topics on the:

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