Monitors enabled by default

The following monitors are enabled by default, and automatically begin monitoring at the start of a performance test.

Name Description
Load Test System Resource monitor

Provides basic Windows monitor data for all host machines involved in a performance test (except for Dockerized and Cloud load generators and OFW machines). This data (Host CPU, disk space, and memory) is available during a performance test run in the online graphs, or afterwards when collating and analyzing the results.

Note: To monitor load generators using the default monitors, the user account on the load generator hosts must have the same credentials as the LoadRunner Enterprise account and have permissions to connect. We recommend adding a corresponding user to the load generator machines with the required permissions. You can disable the default monitors from the Test Options. For details, see Configure general test options.

Run-Time monitor Display the number and status of Vusers participating in the scenario, as well as the number and types of errors that the Vusers generate.
Transaction monitor Display the transaction rate and response times.

Web resource monitor

Provide information about the number of Web connections, throughput volume, HTTP responses, server retries, and downloaded pages at the web servers during performance test run.

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