Monitors Mapping dialog box

This dialog box enables you to map monitored hosts and monitors.

To access

On the <report name> PAL Report, click.

Relevant tasks

Create a testing environment using PAL

See also

<Report Name> PAL report

Performance Application Lifecycle (PAL)

Monitored Hosts / Monitors Tab

Enables you to create mapping for the monitored hosts or monitor measurements.

User interface elements are described below (unlabeled elements are shown in angle brackets):

UI Elements


Adds a new mapping.

Creates a duplicate of the selected mapping.

Deletes a selected mapping.

Refreshes the list of mappings.

<top grid>

Includes the following columns:

  • ID. The mapping ID.

  • Name. The mapping name.

  • Description. A description of the mapping.

Mapping Information: Name

The mapping name.

Mapping Information: Description A description of the mapping.

Mapping Information: Monitored Hosts Mapping

(Monitors tab only)

The host whose measurements are being monitored.

Click in the field to select which monitored host to map to the mapped measurement.

Mapping Information: Details

Lists details of a selected measurement.

The following fields are displayed in the table:

  • Data Set ID. The data set ID.

  • Data Set Type. The measurement type.

  • Name. The monitored host name.


Indicates the status of the mapping.

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