Select Measurements dialog box

Each PAL view has a default set of measurements that it uses. This dialog box enables you to customize the measurements displayed in a selected report view.

To access
  1. From the LoadRunner Enterprise navigation toolbar, click and select PAL (under Analysis).

  2. In the Reports tab, click a report. The report opens as an additional tab on the LoadRunner Enterprise Dashboard. The PAL report view tabs are displayed.

  3. On a PAL report view, select the menu button , then select Select Measurements.
Important Information

The term transaction applies to any activity measured by testing and production systems. This includes VuGen script transactions, RUM transactions and actions, and URLs measured by other production systems.

User interface elements are described below:

UI Elements


Data Types pane

Displays transactions with data. The transactions are enabled based on existing data.

Transactions Pane

This pane displays the following:

  • <Top check box>. Selects/clears all transactions in the grid. To select/clear a specific transaction, select/clear the check box to the left of the transaction name.
  • Mapping Type. Indicates the mapping type: All, Mapped, Not Mapped.
  • Name. Enables you to locate a specific transaction. Type the name and press Enter.
  • Page Size. Sets the number of transactions displayed per page.
Apply Applies the changes.
Use Global Filter Includes the transactions from the Set Global Transactions Filter dialog box. For details, see Set Global Transactions Filter dialog box.

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