PAL report views

A PAL report view is a display item that presents PAL information for a particular performance metric.

To access
  1. From the LoadRunner Enterprise navigation toolbar, click and select PAL (under Analysis).

  2. In the Reports tab, click a report. The report opens as an additional tab on the LoadRunner Enterprise Dashboard. The PAL report view tabs are displayed. The PAL report views are contained within the tabs.
Relevant tasks

Create a testing environment using PAL

PAL Report Toolbar

User interface elements are described below:

UI Elements


Open edit menu. Contains options that enable you to edit the PAL report view's display and comparison settings. For details, see PAL Report View Menu.

Show in Maximized/Normal view. Maximizes or returns to the normal PAL report view.

Minimizes/Maximizes data. Minimizes or maximizes the displayed data.

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PAL Report View Menu

User interface elements are described below:

Note: Some options are not available in all views.

UI Elements


Select Measurements

Opens the Measurements Configuration dialog box, which enables you to add measurements to the view. For user interface details, see Select Measurements dialog box.

Edit Display Setting

Enables you to change the appearance of the view. The available settings are table view, line graph view, and stacked bar chart view.

Edit View Title

Enables you to edit the view title.

Compare to baseline/previous

Enables you to change the comparison method displayed in the view. For details on comparison methods, see Performance Application Lifecycle (PAL).

Show difference as value/percentage

Enables you to define how to display value differences between items or data sets in the view - as values or as percentages.

Do not show difference

Enables you to hide value differences between items or data sets. It is recommended to use this setting when exporting the view to a CSV format.

Color View

Activates the PAL report's threshold settings.

Export to CSV

Enables you to export the view to a CSV format.

Delete this View

Deletes the view.

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