Upload Production Data Set dialog box

This dialog box enables you to upload production data set files.

To access

  1. From the LoadRunner Enterprise navigation toolbar, click and select PAL (under Analysis).

  2. In the Data Sets tab, click

Relevant tasks

Create a testing environment using PAL

Create PAL data sets (from IIS W3C, Apache, RUM, Google Analytics, and Webtrends)

Create PAL data sets from APM

See also

Performance Application Lifecycle (PAL)

User interface elements are described below:

UI Elements


Name The name of the data set file.
Description A description of the data set file.
Select production data set file Click the Browse button to select the data set file.
Select Folder Indicates the folder for storing the data set file.
Take application name from data set Uses the application defined in the data set file.
Choose an Application Indicates the application for use with the data set file.
Messages Indicates the progress of the uploading process.


Uploads the data set file to the specified location.

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