Performance Trending module

This module enables you to manage trend reports. It displays a list of available reports, and enables you to create new reports, and to delete or duplicate existing reports.

To access

From the LoadRunner Enterprise navigation toolbar, click and select Performance Trending (under Analysis).

Relevant tasks

Define a trend report

User interface elements are described below (unlabeled elements are shown in angle brackets):

UI Elements (A - Z)


<LoadRunner Enterprise common UI elements>

For LoadRunner Enterprise menus and buttons, see LoadRunner Enterprise user interface.

New Trend Report. Opens the Trend Report creation page, which enables you to create trend reports.

Duplicate. Creates a duplicate of the selected report.

Rename. Enables you to edit the report name and description.

Delete. Deletes the selected report.

Customize Table Columns. Select which columns appear in the Trended Runs table. For user interface details, see Select Columns dialog box.

Add Filter. Enables you to display only those trend reports that meet the criteria you define. You can filter by ID, Report Name, Description, Responsible, Last Modified, or Runs.


A description of the report.

ID The trend report ID number.
Last Modified

The date on which the report was last modified.

Modified by

The user who last modified the report.

Report Name

The name of the report.


The user who created the report.


The number of trended runs contained in the report.

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