Trend view tabs

A report tab can contain any number of trend views. The tabs are defined by the template on which the report is based, and which sets the name of the tab and automatically includes trend views that are related to its name.

To access
  1. From the LoadRunner Enterprise navigation toolbar, click and select Performance Trending (under Analysis).

  2. On the Performance Trending page, in the Trend Reports grid, click the name of the report to open. The report opens as an additional tab on the LoadRunner Enterprise Dashboard. The trend view tabs are displayed by default.

Important information

The trend view tabs which appear by default depend on which template the report is based on.

See also

Trend Report <Report Name>

User interface elements are described below (unlabeled elements are shown in angle brackets):

UI Elements


<tab management menu>

Select a trend view tab and click the down arrow to open the tab management menu, which contains the following options (not available on the Trend Overview tab):

  • Add View to Tab. Opens the Add Trend Views to Tab dialog box. For user interface details, see Add Trend Views to Tab dialog box.

  • Edit Tab Title. Enables you to change the name of the tab.

  • Move Tab Left. Moves the tab left in the tab order.

  • Move Tab Right. Moves the tab right in the tab o rder.

  • Delete This Tab. Deletes the tab and all of the trend views contained in it, from the report.

<Trend view>

A display item that presents trending information. For details, see Trend views.

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