Concurrency report

The Concurrency report displays concurrent resource usage by date.

To access:

LoadRunner Enterprise
  1. In LoadRunner Enterprise, click Open the navigation toolbar and select Reports.

  2. Expand Resource Utilization, and select Concurrency.

LoadRunner Enterprise Administration

On the LoadRunner Enterprise Administration sidebar, select Reports > Resource Utilization > Concurrency.

User interface:

User interface elements are described below:

UI Elements


LoadRunner Enterprise:

Click arrow and select time range for the report.

<Report toolbar>

LoadRunner Enterprise Administration:

For report toolbar details, see Reporting Summary.

Displays the selected time range and the number of projects included in the report.

Click Filter to select the time range and projects:

  • Select Time Range. Enables you to select the desired date range for the report.
  • Select Projects. Enables you to choose which projects are included in the report output. Hosts are shown in the report output only if they were provisioned from one of the selected projects.

<date range slider>

Pull the sliders on both sides to adjust the date range displayed in the graphs below.
Concurrent Runs Displays the number of concurrent runs per day.
Concurrent Vusers Displays the average and maximum number of Vusers running concurrently per day.
Concurrent LG Machines Displays the number of load generators running concurrently per day.
Concurrent Protocol Usage Displays the concurrent protocol usage per day.

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