Unlock entities and manage unlocking jobs

This section describes how to view and unlock entities locked by any use and to manage unlocking jobs.

About the Entity Unlocker

The Entity Unlocker is a standalone application that can be used to unlock entities. Entities are locked when they are being edited, where a browser is closed without a proper logout, or where a network is down. Lockable entities include tests, scripts, monitor profiles, and analysis templates.

As a site administrator, you can:

  • Use the Entity Unlocker application to view and unlock entities locked by any user on a specific domain and project (a regular user can only unlock an entity that was locked by that user).

  • Manage the unlocking job from LoadRunner Enterprise Administration which automatically unlocks entities that have not been updated after a specified amount of time.

The Entity Unlocker application integrates securely with LoadRunner Enterprise when SSO authentication is enabled on the LoadRunner Enterprise server. For details, see SSO authentication.

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Use the Entity Unlocker

You can perform the following Entity Unlocker tasks:

Action How to
Download Entity Unlocker

For details, see Download standalone applications.

Schedule periodic unlocking jobs
  1. In LoadRunner Enterprise Administration, click Maintenance > System Health.

  2. Select the Maintenance Tasks tab.

  3. Click the Entity Unlocking Task link to open the Entity Unlocker scheduling job, and configure the following settings:

    • Set the frequency of the maintenance task in the Recurrence (min) field.

    • Specify the amount of time after which the maintenance task unlocks any locked entity in the Value box for the TIMEOUT_UNLOCK parameter.

    By default, both of these values are set to 120 minutes.

Manually unlock entities

  1. Log on to the Entity Unlocker application as a Site Admin user. You can see all locked entities in the various projects and domains.

  2. Unlock any locked entity as required.

View Entity Unlocker log files

The Entity Unlocker log files are created in the \orchidtmp\LTLogger\EntityUnlocker folder.

  • When running on a machine with LoadRunner Enterprise server, a load generator, or Analysis, the log is created in the <LRE Server, Host, or Analysis installation directory>\orchidtmp\LTLogger\EntityUnlocker\ folder.

    Example:C:\Program Files (x86)\Micro Focus\LoadRunner Enterprise\orchidtmp\LTLogger\EntityUnlocker

  • On a machine that does not have any of these products installed, the log is created in the <Entity Unlocker installation directory>\orchidtmp\LTLogger\EntityUnlocker folder.


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