Audit entities and user connections

You can view changes made to various LoadRunner Enterprise test entities in the Audit page, and track user login and logout connections in the Connection Audit page.

Note: Non-administrator users can also see changes made to a selected test, or test run, in the Audit tab of the Test Management or Test Runs module in LoadRunner Enterprise. For details, see View changes made to a test run and Create and manage tests.

View and manage audited entities

The Audit page displays a list of changes made to the currently selected LoadRunner Enterprise entity. You can view changes to the various entity types, including hosts, domains, projects, users, roles, and test runs.

  1. In LoadRunner Enterprise Administration, select Management > Audit and click the Audit tab. The Audit page opens, displaying the entity ID, type (Hosts, Domains, Projects, Users, Roles, Runs), and the date and time of the last change made to each entity.

  2. To filter the information being displayed in the grid, click Filter and define a filter condition based on values of that field.

  3. Select an entity, and click the Entity ID link. The Audit log opens, enabling you to view and filter the list of operations performed on the entity.

    UI Element Description
    Field Name The field modified during the change.
    Action Type Specifies the type of changes made to the field (for example Update, Insert).
    Old Value The value before the New Value (two before the current value).

    New Value

    The previous field value (one before the current value).
    User Name Displays the login name of the user that made the change to the entity.
    Modified Date Displays the date and time of the operation in chronological order (or reversed chronological order).

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Track user login and logout connections

The Connection Audit page display a list of user connections to LoadRunner Enterprise and LoadRunner Enterprise Administration including login and logout times and the connection type.

  1. In LoadRunner Enterprise Administration, select Management > Audit.

  2. Click the Connection Audit tab. The Connection Audit page opens, displaying the following user connection history:

    UI Element Description
    User Name

    Displays the name of the user that logged in or out.

    Connection Time Displays the date and time of the user connection.
    Connection Result

    Displays the connection result:

    • Login succeeded, Login failed

    • Logout succeeded, Logout failed

    • API key created, API key activated, API key deactivated, API key deleted.


    A description of the connection.
    Connection Application Displays the application to which the user connected: LRE Application, LRE Administration, or API.
    Connection Type Displays the connection type: User Internal Authentication, LDAP, SSO, or API.

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Export audited entities to Excel

To export information displayed in the Audit page or the Audit Log to an Excel file, click Export to XLS in the Toolbar. Data from the Audit page or Audit Log is saved to an Excel file and downloaded to the Downloads folder of the client user.

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