Select authentication type

You can allow users to log in to LoadRunner Enterprise using their internal LoadRunner Enterprise passwords, LDAP passwords, or SSO authentication.

Note: All users using the system must be in the LoadRunner Enterprise database before they can be authenticated using one of the authentication types. For details, see Create or edit a user.


The authentication method is defined in LoadRunner Enterprise Administration per tenant, on the basis of one type of authentication per LoadRunner Enterprise farm.

Note: We recommend using SSO or LDAP because they are a more secure type of authentication.

Authentication Description

LoadRunner Enterprise's built-in, native, internal user management. Enables the user to define a user name and password internally. Every authentication is executed with the Users table. For details, see Application authentication.


Enables you to use your organization's LDAP system for authenticating LoadRunner Enterprise users. For details, see LDAP authentication.


Enables you to set up single sign-on (SSO) authentication for connecting to LoadRunner Enterprise. Each LoadRunner Enterprise can define one SSO configuration. For details, see SSO authentication.

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Select or change the authentication type

  1. In LoadRunner Enterprise Administration, select Configuration > Site Configuration.

  2. Click the Authentication Type tab.

  3. Expand the section for the required authentication type and click Select this authentication type.

  4. Configure the authentication details. For details, see Application, LDAP, or SSO.

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