Personalize your display

You can personalize your display by filtering, sorting, grouping, and selecting the columns you want to see in the grid view. LoadRunner Enterprise also saves a module's display settings.


Filter the items you want displayed in the module.

Icon Description
  1. Click the Filter button in the toolbar to open the filter pane which is displayed under each column header.

  2. Click the filter box under the column you want to filter, and define a filter condition based on values of that field, or enter text to filter.

    Depending on the page, the filter icon changes to to indicate that a filter has been set, or a Clear button is displayed adjacent to the filter button in the toolbar.

  3. To clear a filter:

    • For a specific field: Delete the text in the filter field, or select Reset from the operators list.

    • For all fields: Where available, click the Clear button adjacent to the filter button in the toolbar.

Click to add more fields to the filter condition, using the various logical operators that are available (such as Equals, Does not equal, Less than, Greater than, Between, Contains, Does not contain, Starts with, Ends with, Reset).

Indicates the field is sorted in ascending or descending order according to the column. For details, see Sort.

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Select grid columns

In grid views, click and select which of the available columns you want to display in the grid.

Drag the columns to rearrange in the order you want them.

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You can sort a grid according to the values of any column.

  1. For any page that has a grid view, click a column header to sort the items by that field's values, or right-click the header and select Sort Ascending or Sort Descending.

  2. Click again to reverse the sort order.

  3. To remove the sort order, right-click the column header and select Clear Sorting.

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To display grid data grouped by a particular field, either drag the relevant column to the grouping panel or right-click a column header, and select Group By to group by that field. You can select up to three fields to group and sub-group by.

If you sorted your view, items within each group are sorted accordingly.

To remove the grouped fields, right-click the filter pane and select Ungroup All.

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Saved settings

LoadRunner Enterprise automatically saves the following settings:

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