Internet Protocol Content Check

You use the Internet Protocol Content Check runtime option to check the contents of a page for a specific string.

This is useful for detecting non-standard errors. In normal operations, when your application server fails, the browser displays a generic HTTP error page indicating the nature of the error. The standard error pages are recognized by VuGen and treated as errors, causing the script to fail. Some application servers, however, issue their own error pages that are not detected by VuGen as error pages. The page is sent by the server and it contains a formatted text string, stating that an error occurred.

For example, suppose that your application issues a custom page when an error occurs, containing the text ASP Error. You instruct VuGen to look for this text on all returned pages. When VuGen detects this string, it fails the replay.

Note: VuGen searches the body of the pages, not the headers.

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