SiteScope monitor

This section explains how to use the SiteScope monitor.

About SiteScope monitoring

The SiteScope monitor graph shows the SiteScope resources measured during the test run. The SiteScope monitor can measure server, network, and processor performance counters.

For detailed information on the performance counters that SiteScope can monitor, refer to the relevant SiteScope documentation available from the Software Documentation Portal at

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Set up the SiteScope monitor

This task describes how to set up the SiteScope monitor.

  1. Prerequisites

    • Before setting up the SiteScope monitor, ensure that SiteScope has been installed on a server.

    • You can install SiteScope on the same machine as the Controller, or on a dedicated server. If SiteScope is installed on a machine other than the Controller, verify that the SiteScope machine is accessible from the Controller machine.

    • If your monitor accesses a server outside of your internal network, you may need to set up a web proxy to collect data from it. For details, see Use a proxy server.

  2. Select a resources folder.

    Select a resources folder for the monitor profile in the resources tree, or create a new folder as follows:

    1. In the LoadRunner Enterprise masthead, click the module name or the dropdown arrow and select Monitors (under Assets).

    2. Click New Folder and enter a name for the monitor resources folder.

  3. Create a monitor profile.

    1. Click New Monitor Profile , and make sure Monitor Profile is selected.

    2. Enter a name and optional description for the monitor profile, and click Save. An empty monitor profile is added to the selected resources folder.

    3. Select the monitor profile you just added and click Add Monitor .

    1. In the Monitor Type Selection tab, select the SiteScope monitor type and click Next.

    2. In the Monitor Definition tab, enter the server details:

      UI Elements



      The SiteScope server name.


      The SiteScope port.

      Default: 8888

      Use HTTPS

      Specify if you are using a secure HTTP connection.

      Use Account

      Select when SiteScope is working in secure mode, which requires authentication. Enter the SiteScope account name, user name and password in the corresponding fields.

      User Name

      When Use Account is selected, enter the relevant user name.


      When Use Account is selected, enter the relevant password.

    3. Click Get Counters to display a list of available metrics and counters per metric from the selected SiteScope application.

      Select the measurements that you want to monitor, and then click to add the counters to the Selected Counters table.

    4. Click Save. The monitor details are displayed in the Monitors tab for the selected monitor profile.

  4. Associate the monitor with your test.

    For details, see Step 3: Associate monitors with your test.

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