License response

The fields in the response are:

IDThe project's ID.
LicenseType (previously <Type> in LoadRunner Enterprise 12.6x and earlier versions)

The LoadRunner Enterprise license type:

  • PC. The PC license is limited by the total number of concurrent runs or Vusers, and may have an expiration date.
  • PC_VUDS. A Virtual User Flex Day (VUFD) license provides you with a specified number of Vusers that you can run an unlimited number of times within a 24 hour period (the Virtual User Flex Day).
AssignedDateThe date the license was assigned.
FactoryLicenseThe license number.
ConcurrentRunsThe maximum number of concurrent test runs allowed within a project.
ExpirationDateThe expiration date of the license.
ValidFromDateThe start date of the license.
VusersThe total number of Vusers that can be run concurrently.

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