User response

The fields in the response are:

UserIDThe user's ID.
UserNameThe user's name.
FullNameThe user's full name.
StatusThe user's status: active or inactive.
DeactivationDateThe date when user's status was set to inactive.
LastUpdateDateThe date when the user was last updated.
TenantAdminSpecifies whether the user is a tenant admin: true or false.
SiteAdminSpecifies whether the user is a site admin: true or false.
AdminViewerSpecifies whether the user is an admin viewer: true or false.
EmailThe user's email address.
DescriptionA description of the user.
Permission level

1. Regular user

3. Admin Viewer

7. Tenant Admin

9. Site Admin

10. System Admin

UsIsLDAPSpecifies whether the user is LDAP: true or false.
LDAPServerIDThe LDAP server ID.
LDAPUserNameThe LDAP user name.
UsDomAuthThe user domain authentication.