Set up the LeanFT and Mobile Center environments

Relevant for: LeanFT 14.01. For LeanFT versions 14.02 or higher, see Test mobile apps.

  1. LeanFT must be installed, and the LeanFT runtime engine must be started. For details, see LeanFT installation.
  2. Mobile Center must already be set up with the devices you want to test. The mobile devices must be connected to the Mobile Center server, and LeanFT must be able to connect to Mobile Center. For details, see Install Mobile Center.

    In addition:

    • If you are testing hybrid applications or native mobile applications running on iOS, you may need to prepare your applications before using LeanFT to upload these applications to Mobile Center. For details, see App packaging and signing services.

    • Enable browser cookies.

    Note: After upgrading from a previous Mobile Center version, to ensure that the application you are testing is compatible with the current version of Mobile Center:

    1. Remove all apps that were installed using the previous version. Do this on all relevant devices.

    2. Before running existing tests, select the Install application option.


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