Run the test and view the results

Relevant for: LeanFT 14.01. For LeanFT versions 14.02 or higher, see Test mobile apps.

  1. Prerequisites:

    • Before running tests on a different computer, make sure to configure the connection to Mobile Center.
    • Make sure that the device you intend to run your test on is available. It if is already locked— whether by you or by another user—the test will not be able to run.
  2. Compile your LeanFT project and run the DLL or JAR using your framework runner.

    When the run starts, if the LeanFT Runtime Engine is set up to show the remote access window, the Mobile Center remote access window opens.

    The test steps are performed on the mobile app.

    The device is locked for the session duration.

  3. When the test ends, you can view and analyze the automatically generated run report.

    For more details, see LeanFT HTML report in the LeanFT Help Center.

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