Create test objects and steps

Relevant for: LeanFT 14.01. For LeanFT versions 14.02 or higher, see Test mobile apps.


Create test objects

You can use the Object Identification Center to add tests objects to the application model, or you can code test objects manually.

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Create mobile steps in your test

Create a test on the mobile app in the same way as you would create any other LeanFT test. Use the LeanFT SDKs for Mobile, as well as the guidelines provided here.

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LeanFT SDKs for Mobile

Develop C# mobile apps in Visual Studio

LeanFT .NET SDK Reference for mobile

Develop Java mobile apps in Eclipse or IntelliJ IDEA

LeanFT Java SDK Reference for mobile

Develop JavaScript mobile apps in Visual Studio, Eclipse, or IntelliJ IDEA LeanFT JavaScript SDK Reference for mobile

UFT Pro (LeanFT) Help Center

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