User management

The USER MANAGEMENT page lets you add users, reset passwords, change roles, or delete users.

Add a new user

Only authorized users can access Mobile Center. To allow others to run tests with Mobile Center, you need to add them to the list of authorized users.

To add a new user:

  1. Click Administration in the right of the masthead, and click the USERS tab.
  2. Click Add User and enter the new user's email address and password. The password must be at least 6 characters long (maximum of 20 characters) and must contain at least:

    • one digit from 0-9
    • one lowercase English character
    • one uppercase English character
  3. To assign a user an administrator role, select the Admin check box. If the check box is unselected, a non-admin role is assigned.

    The following table shows the main differences between roles:

    Permissions Admin User
    View system info
    Download logs Can download all logs. Can only download logs for devices to which they have access.
    Devices Has control of all devices. Can move devices between workspaces.

    Can only access their private devices, devices in shared assets, or devices belonging to workspaces to which they have been assigned as users.

    View Connectors Can view and manage all connectors. Can view only their own connectors.
    View Reservations Can toggle between All and Mine in the Reservations tab. Can manage only their own reservations in the Reservations tab.
    Administration Menu


    Can access the administration area of the Lab to create and manage users, configure Mobile Center settings, and manage licenses.

    Not visible

    Workspaces Menu



    Can access the workspaces area of the Lab to create and manage workspaces, and to assign users and devices to workspaces.

    Not visible

    Note: When the multi-project Early access features are enabled, administrators cannot download server logs. Operators can download the logs and also reset passwords. For details, see User roles and permissions.

  4. When using multiple workspaces, assign the user to a workspace.

    1. Click the MANAGEMENT tab and select ALL USERS.
    2. Select the user you want to assign, and click Select Workspace.
    3. Select the workspaces that you want the user to access, and click SAVE.

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LDAP users

You can also integrate LDAP with Mobile Center by defining the LDAP settings in the Administration Settings page. This enables individuals in organizations that use LDAP for managing user credentials and permissions, to access Mobile Center with their LDAP credentials, without the need for the administrator to first add them to the list of authorized users.

Once you enable LDAP integration:

  • You will not be able to add, delete, or change a user's password from the Users page.
  • Users that do not belong to the LDAP database will not be able to log into Mobile Center, with the exception of the user.
  • Before an administrator can assign an LDAP user to a group, the user needs to perform an initial login to Mobile Center.
  • Upon the first log in, the user receives a User role. After the initial login, an administrator can change the role to Admin.

  • When working with the multi-project Early access features: If you enable the Allow access to all users option in the LDAP integration settings, the Remove button will not be displayed and you will not be able to remove users from the Users page. (The deletion of users was disabled, since the removal would be temporary—it would only be effective until the next log in.)

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Filter the user list

Filtering the user list is useful if you want to find a specific user, or to update their details. Make sure you are on the USER MANAGEMENT page.

  • To filter by role, Admin or User, select the appropriate check boxes in the left pane.
  • To filter by name, hover on the Search button adjacent to the User Management header, and enter the text of the user's email or username.

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Edit a user's password or role

To reset a user's password or to change a user's role:

  1. Click Administration in the right of the masthead, and click the Users tab.
  2. Hover on the user and click .
  3. Enter a new password or select/clear the Admin check box.

You can also use the user_management script to change a user's password, change the role of a non-admin user to an administrator, or create a new administrator. For details, see Manage user accounts with scripts.

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Delete a user

To delete a user:

  1. Click Administration in the right of the masthead, and click the Users tab.
  2. Hover on a user and click . Once you delete a user, it will also be removed from the workspace.

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