Set up automatic app packaging and signing services

After you upload an app to Mobile Center, the server automatically attempts to package the app. This provides users with the option of selecting either a packaged app or the original version when running a test. To enable this functionality of automatic app packaging and signing by Mobile Center, the administrator needs to set up the packaging and signing services.

iOS - Prerequisites

The following are required for the automatic packaging and signing services:

If you do not meet the requirements above, you should sign and package your app manually using MC Enabler and then upload it to Mobile Center.

Note: Packaging your iOS app manually with MC Enabler also requires a Mac.

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Define packaging settings

You can set up Mobile Center so that when a user uploads an app, Mobile Center automatically packages the app with record and replay libraries.

  1. In Mobile Center, click Administration and select the SETTINGS tab.
  1. In the packaging service sections (for Android or iOS), set the IP address and port of the machine that will be used for repackaging the app. Set the protocol type to HTTP or HTTPS, depending on whether the connection is secure. By default, the Android package service machine is set to localhost.

For Android apps that use services requiring a private key, and for iOS apps, you also need to set up app signing services described below.

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Set up app signing services

Whenever an app is repackaged with Mobile Center record and replay libraries, the app needs to be re-signed. By default, Android apps are signed with a debug certificate, and no additional action is required by the administrator. For iOS apps, or for Android apps that use services requiring a private key such as Google Maps or the authentication service, the administrator needs to set up Mobile Center to automatically re-sign apps. This is done by configuring the packager properties file.

You can also package and sign apps manually and then upload them to Mobile Center. For details see, Package an Android app manually or Package an iOS app manually on a Mac machine.

Note: App signing services cannot be configured in the Administrator Settings page.

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Troubleshooting the app packager

There may be times when the packaging process does not succeed and the app can't be loaded. When Mobile Center is unable to create a packaged version of the app, a notification is displayed. Provided that you are not using a test created with Mobile Center 1.52 or earlier, nor testing a hybrid app with a test created with Mobile Center 2.00, packaging is not essential for testing.

Packaging may not succeed for the following reasons:

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