Extended services

Mobile Center provides additional tools and functionality for monitoring and analyzing your apps, from within the Mobile Center APPS page.

Mobile Center extended services

Mobile Center provides access to the following extended services:

Service name Description
Security Scan Integrates with Fortify on Demand to help you manage your application's security
Production Usage Integrates with AppPulse to obtain mobile analytics.
Crowd Testing Integrates with Ubertesters to help you perform crowd testing.
App X-Ray Integrates with SafeDK to help you check the compliance of your Android app's SDKs.

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Access and enable extended services

Before using an extended service, your administrator must enable its functionality in Mobile Center.

  1. Click Administration, to view the admin tabs. Click SETTINGS. For details, see Administration - Settings.

  2. If you are connecting to the extended service through a proxy server, in the left pane, select Proxy settings. Enter the proxy details. Click Verify and Save.
  3. In the left pane, locate your extended service and select Yes to enable it. If you know some of the other credentials, you can enter them at this time. Click Verify and Save.
  4. In the Mobile Center console, click APPS in the masthead. In Card view, select the card of the app that you want to monitor or analyze.
  5. Hover on the middle section of the app card, and click the Extended Services icon.

  6. In the Extended Services window, go to the extended service that you (or you admin) enabled.
  7. Follow the instructions as they appear on the service's opening page.

Note: Extended services that require proxy details, are not supported if your company uses NTLM for the proxy authentication. As a workaround, install a third party tool such as Cntlm, that stands between the Mobile Center server and corporate proxy, adding NTLM authentication on the fly.

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