Other extended services

Mobile Center 's extended services provide additional functionality for enhancing testing methods and improving app security. For information on how to access the extended services, see Extended services.

Security Scan

The Security Scan extended service lets you use Fortify on Demand to manage your application's security from a single interface. Fortify on Demand scans and assesses the security of your app at all stages of development. You can also scan different versions of your app and test for regressions.

Detailed reports prioritize the results and allow you to understand where the vulnerabilities are in your app.

To perform a Fortify on Demand scan:

  1. Before running a scan, make sure that you have a valid Fortify account. Your administrator should enter the account details in the Security Scan section of the Administration settings.
  2. Open the Security Scan Start page as described in Access and enable extended services.

  3. Click Run Scan. A message bar indicates that a report generation is in progress. The button will be disabled until the scan is complete.
  4. When a scan is complete, the Download button becomes enabled and you can save the Security Review report in PDF format.

    Note: The scan may take up to three days. Watch for the notification email.

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Crowd Testing

The Crowd Testing extended service lets you perform crowd testing by integrating Mobile Center with Ubertesters.

This integration allows you to monitor and manage your mobile beta testers and the testing process through a Ubertesters organization. You can issue reports, log crashes, and track activity for your beta testers.

Before integrating with Ubertesters, prepare your app by including Ubertesters SDK on the source code level. For details, see the Ubertesters integration site.

To run a build and obtain results:

  1. Open the Crowd Testing (Ubertesters) start page as described in Access and enable extended services.
  2. The first time you access the Ubertesters page in Mobile Center, you will be prompted to create an account, by providing an Organization Name and Organization Description. The organization name provided here will be used to create an organization at Ubertesters for a trial license. Click the Start Your Crowd Testing button. This automatically adds the Organization token to the Mobile Center Admin settings.
  3. Click Manage Your Test. The Ubertesters window opens.
  4. Using the Organization token you created above, (Crowd Testing ) node in the Administration Settings), integrate the Ubertesters SDK with your project. For details, see the step-by-step guide.
  5. From the Your projects drop-down, select Upload new build to upload your app to the Ubertesters site.
  6. Drag the IPA or APK file of your non-packaged app that integrates with the Ubertesters SDK, into the designated area. After the upload is complete, the New Project window opens.
  7. Provide a name for the project or accept the default. Fill in any other relevant details and click Confirm Build. The Build Details window opens.
  8. Invite members to your organization using the Organization drop-down. For details, see the Ubertesters website.
  9. Begin the crowd testing.
  10. In Mobile Center, open the Crowd Testing pane in the Extended services window. The build results show the Sessions, Issues, Crashes, Builds, and Active Users. Click on a number in any of the categories to view its details in the Ubertesters site.

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App X-Ray

The App X-Ray extended service lets you check the compliance of your Android app's SDKs during their development cycle, using SafeDK.

Only four scans are allowed for each account, even if you test different versions of the app. To extend the service and allow more scans, click Get more scans which opens the SafeDK user interface.

To test your SDK:

  1. Open the App X-Ray (SafeDK) start page as described in Access and enable extended services.
  2. Provide your company name and click Scan your SDK. The company name provided here will be used to create an account at SafeDK for a trial license.
  3. Click the Run a New Scan button to begin the scan of your app. It always scans the latest version of your app.
  4. The results screen shows the scan time and lists the SDKs that were found in your app. Click on an SDK for more information.

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