Install your Mobile Center license

Mobile Center comes with a 45-day trial license, activated on the date that you install the software. After the trial period, you need to install a valid license to continue working with Mobile Center.

Get your license key

Customers with a valid order number can go to the Software Licenses and Downloads portal where they can access their entitlements to software activations and downloads. You need a Passport account to sign in to the portal.

For assistance, refer to the videos and quick start guide available on the Software Entitlements portal, or contact a regional licensing support center or your sales representative.

Install your license key

Once you have the license key, you will need to install it in Mobile Center. The license key can be copied directly from the Software Licenses and Downloads portal, or you can save the key for download as a .dat file.

To install a license:

  1. Navigate to the Lab console http/s://<Mobile Center server IP address>:<server port> and log in with your credentials.
  2. In the Administration menu in the right of the masthead, select the LICENSES tab. Note that only Mobile Center users with an admin role have access to the Administration menu in the Lab console.
  3. In the LICENCES tab of the Administration menu, you can view and manage the Mobile Center licenses. Select License Management in the left panel to see information such as the number of active licenses, their expiration dates, their device capacity, and the license type. You can connect as many devices as you want to Mobile Center, however, the number of devices that can use Mobile Center at the same time (regardless of the type of activity) is determined by the license capacity.

    For early access multi-project feature only: Select Project Management to access the Licenses page. Only users with an operator role have access to Project Management.

  4. In the Add a new license section of the License Management page, add a license in one of the following ways:

    • Paste the license string into the text box and click Upload text to send the new license to the server.
    • Click Upload file to select the .dat file containing the license.

    Note that If you upload two licenses of the same type, the license with the earlier expiration date will be shown in the Active section.

Mobile Center will warn you when a license is about to expire. If your license expires, you can log in to update the license if you have administrator privileges. You will only have access to the LICENSES tab.
Early access multi-project feature only: You require operator privileges to access the Licenses page.

For information on the license support center for your region, see License Support Centers.

Allocate license quotas

If you are using a Trial, Enterprise, or Ultimate license, you can manage license consumption by allocating workspace quotas for concurrent device usage. For details see License quotas.

Clock tampering

A clock is said to be tampered with, when the current access time is earlier than the last access time. The current access time is the current time in the system when the license key is being used, reported, or acted upon in the license store. The last access time is the last time the license key was used, reported, or acted upon in the license store.

When Mobile Center detects clock tampering, you will no longer be able to log into Mobile Center. Any new license that you will upload will be ineffective.

To allow your license to be operable after clock tampering:

  1. Stop the server.
  2. Return the clock to the original date before the change.
  3. Start the server.

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