Mobile Center editions

This section describes the various editions of Mobile Center.

Editions overview

Mobile Center is available in several editions to meet your organization’s needs: Express, Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate.

The Enterprise and Ultimate editions are comprehensive solutions, optimized for the enterprise. They include all the functionality available in the Express and Professional editions, however they allow concurrent use of a greater number of devices, plus the ability to organize your mobile lab by leveraging workspaces - individual work areas, each representing a project, program, or product managed on the same Mobile Center site. With workspaces you can manage your lab resources better by segregating or sharing applications and devices between specific groups of users.

The Express and Professional editions offer only limited workspace functionality. You can manage the access of users to available devices by creating workspaces, and by moving devices and users to these workspaces, similar to the device group functionality provided in earlier versions of Mobile Center. However, apps can only be uploaded as shared assets.

The following table describes the different editions in detail:

Capabilities Express Professional Enterprise Ultimate
Core device management system
Number of devices that can be accessed concurrently 1 Starting with 4 30 Unlimited
Exploratory testing
Open Source SDK support Appium Appium Appium Appium
Network Virtualization (NV)   1 node locked 2 flows 1 node locked 30 flows 1 node locked 100 flows
Automated Functional Testing   1 UFT concurrent license 1 UFT concurrent license 1 UFT concurrent license
Multi-workspace feature    
Ability to control user permissions    
Additional iOS packaging services    
Data usage reports    
Professional services      

See the Promotions page for additional licenses and services that you receive when you purchase a license for Mobile Center.

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Trial license

The 45-day trial version of Mobile Center includes all the functionality of the Enterprise edition, but limits you to two concurrent devices.

The trial license is activated on the date that you install the software. After the trial period, you need to install a valid license to continue working with Mobile Center.

When starting a trial, keep in mind that if you create workspaces and then install a license for the Express or Professional edition, you will no longer have full workspace functionality.

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